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Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity and accidents happen. Personal injury or damage to equipment can occur. You acknowledge that engaging in coaching with Dirt Skills is a choice and you accept the risks involved.

Your safety is our concern but your responsibility. No insurance coverage is provided by Dirt Skills. If you wish to obtain private insurance coverage, this should be done before participating in any activities with Dirt Skills.

Riders will not be able to participate unless a completed Dirt Skills waiver is received prior to their first session.

Riders give permission to be photographed or video recorded during lessons, events or programs run by Dirt Skills. Images may be used on the Dirt Skills website or social media. If you do not give permission, it is your responsibility to inform Dirt Skills staff.


Dirt Skills commitment to you:

  • Take appropriate steps to minimise risk

  • Have the safety of Dirt Skills riders and other trail users as top priority

  • Plan lessons thoroughly to ensure fun and valuable ride time

  • Provide coaching that is up to date with industry best practice

  • Hold council permits, first aid certificates and blue cards

  • Maintain coaching qualifications through courses provided by global cycling bodies

  • Expand on these qualifications whenever the opportunity arises for professional development


Your commitment to Dirt Skills:

  • Be punctual, polite and supportive of all riders and trail users   

  • Offensive language will not be tolerated  

  • Wear a correctly fitted, Australian Standards approved helmet at all times during your session

  • Additional protective gear is your choice; gloves, knee and elbow pads are recommended

  • Bring a mountain bike which is in good working order; we recommend you carry basic tools and spares eg. multi-tool, spare innertube, chain joining link

  • Carry enough water for the ride

  • Inform your coach of any medical conditions that may affect your ride and carry any medications you may need


Payments and Rescheduling Sessions:

All payments are non-refundable. We understand that plans change, if you cannot make your booking it may be possible to reschedule.

Dirt Skills reserve the right to reschedule sessions if ride conditions are unsafe. You will be provided with as much notice as possible if changes to your booking are required.


Rescheduling Private Sessions:

With more than 24 hours notice your session can be rescheduled. If this is necessary, please contact Cameron on 0439 664 558 or email to arrange a credit or organise an alternative session time.

No rescheduling options are provided within 24 hours of your session time. With less than 24 hours notice, session fees will be forfeited.


Group Ride Make Up Sessions:

Make up sessions will be offered whenever unsafe riding conditions make it necessary to cancel a scheduled session. Should a rider be unable to attend this session there is no guarantee that another option will be offered.

If Dirt Skills cannot offer an alternative session, fees for that session will be carried over to another group program.


Absence From Group Rides:

Notification of absence is required before the ride commences, please provide as much notice as possible. If there is space available in another suitable group, we will offer an alternate session time. If no notice is received, you will forfeit that ride.

Dirt Skills has no obligation to offer make-up lessons in the event of illness, injury, school camps, or other activities which may prevent you from attending your class. However, if there is a space in another suitable group it will be offered to you.

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