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If you're keen to preview or review your session, the following articles summarise the fundamentals of our methodologies.

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Body Position

Your foundations begin here.

Every time you stand on the pedals, it's beneficial to follow a process that makes sure your body is in the same neutral position. 

Beginning from the same position allows the mind and body to learn patterns, creating muscle memory and autonomous movements.


Braking Technique

Control your speed.

Riders are often so determined to go fast that they seem to forget they will eventually have to slow down.

The fastest riders are those who can slow down the quickest.


Trail Scanning

Read terrain to learn the trail.

Scanning helps to find your flow and smoothly link sections of trail, increasing rider safety, consistency and efficiency.


Scanning involves more than just looking ahead - you are looking in all directions to assess your surroundings.

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Techniques to change or maintain direction.

Feeling your tyre shraalp will always warrant a cheer.

Understand the body and bike movements that will have you cornering with speed and confidence.


Using The Body As Suspension

Use muscle tension to increase flow.

Riding a bike with well-tuned suspension sure feels special but the real secret sauce comes from using your own body to stay smooth.


Absorbing impacts, and applying pressure at the right times is a great way to generate speed and maximise traction. 



Got the basics covered? Time to play!

Riding a mountain bike well is more than being the fastest rider to the end of the trail.

Learn basic movements to get the bike feeling like an extension of the body and develop the ultimate feeling of control.

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