What days are coaching sessions available?

Coaching is available Monday to Saturday, Sunday's are dedicated to the Dirt Skills race team.

Do I need to be a good rider?

No. Whether it is your first time off road or you are a seasoned racer, Dirt Skills deliver coaching sessions tailored to your skill and ability.

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What sort of bike do I need?

You do not need an expensive bike to participate in Dirt Skills coaching sessions. Any modern mountain bike with two working brakes will be suitable. Bikes with suspension are recommended but not essential.

What protective gear do I need?

You must wear a correctly fitted, modern helmet; those with MIPS or similar anti-rotational technologies are advisable. Other protective gear such as gloves, elbow and knee pads are recommended.

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What should I bring?

It is your responsibility to bring enough water for the session as well as any medication you might need.


Tools and spares are great to carry, it's never fun getting stuck in the bush with a broken bike. Dirt Skills staff will carry basic tools to hopefully avoid those unfortunate situations.

How will I pay?

Payment must be received before your session begins, this can be made by direct deposit or cash on the day.

Gift vouchers are available, please contact cameron@dirtskills.com.au or call 0439 664 558 to discuss options.

When I get to the trails, how will I find you?

When your booking is confirmed, you will be told where to meet. My Ford Transit is easy to spot, when you see it come over and say hello! 


Am I covered by insurance while participating in coaching sessions?

Insurance coverage is your own responsibility.

AusCycling provide fantastic insurance coverage for their members. Head over to their website to check out your membership options.

Dirt Skills? Can you also provide motocross coaching?

Yes, please contact to discuss motocross coaching options.