Ironbark Gully

Fire road climbs that reward with fantastic descents, leaving a smile from ear to ear.


Located between Ferny Grove and Samford, this is a fantastic riding location with trails for all abilities. A few longer climbs than those at Bunya and some great descents for those keen to improve their gravity assisted skills. The skills area is one of the best in Brisbane and provides and awesome place to work on those skills before taking them to the trails.

Sunset Park - Blue Nurses Jumps

Community use dirt jumps that are great to help riders develop comfort in the air.

Blue Nurses.jpg

This Brisbane City Council dirt jump park is located in Sunset Park, Ashgrove. With smaller jumps spread throughout the park and the "Big Dogs" down the right hand side, this place is a whole lot of fun and a great place for riders of all abilities to develop their control and air awareness.


A well connected trail network with something for everyone.

Dirt Skillz-51.jpg

With trails located on both sides of Jinker Track, this is one of Brisbane's riding hot spots. Shorter climbs than Ironbark Gully but some great trails with amazing flow, a fantastic location with plenty to keep even the most adventurous riders entertained. 

Gap Creek

A wide variety of trails suitable for riders of all abilities.

Leutto GC.jpg

A grassy picnic area serves as a great place for beginners to get comfortable on the bike. Ranging from flowing single track, wide trails with optional jumps and smooth berms to steep and technical descents for those seeking a challenge means that riding here never gets dull. Whatever you want to improve, you will be able to find a suitable trail at Gap Creek.

Hennessey Hill

A great place for an introduction to DH riding.

Me Beerburrum.jpg

The short shuttle means lots of riding in a short time. With two tracks available there is a variety of terrain to improve your skills. You have the choice of a flowing descent with jumps and berms or a more technical track with some rocks and roots which get your heart racing when you hit them with speed. Located on Beerburrum Woodford Rd, this is one of the few public access DH tracks in South East Queensland.