My name is Cameron Allonby and I love riding bikes!


I grew up riding in Brisbane and have competed in DH at a state, national and international level. 


My bikes and I have spent years chasing summers in Whistler and Queenstown, with my eyes set on one prize, competing in the UCI DH world cup series.

My world cup racing career ended before it began as a head injury received during practice at my first world cup led me to reassess how I could make my impact on mountain biking.

Dirt Skills mountain bike coaching is a venture I have begun to help riders of all ages and abilities progress their riding as safely as possible.


It is time for me to share the knowledge I have gained from my life on two wheels, so book yourself in for a lesson and let me help you achieve your mountain biking goals!


I am a PMBI and MTBA accredited coach and am passionate about teaching. I would love to help any rider looking to improve their confidence and skills on a mountain bike, while showing them what great times can be had on the amazing trails we have around Brisbane!


Brisbane Mountain Bike Coaching
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